Monday, September 22, 2008

Miserable Sunday

Gone medical checking. My first ever medical check, will get my report in a week's time.


Spent over 45 minutes just to buy a meal at the KFC Drive-Thru - 30 in the car, 15 standing in the rain. I could have gotten my meal in 5 minutes if I ordered from the counter. I have to say this, "KFC Drive-Thru" sucks!

Went to a Magnum 4D shop on my way home. I don't buy lottery. I went there because I got FREE lottery tickets to redeem and today is the last day! I got it from taking part in an online contest and it's only for those born on the
8th of August. I showed the ladies at the counter the e-mail I printed out but none of them know nothing about it and no one acknowledged it. Sigh!

Back home
So I was late for the live telecast of the Badminton Super Series in Japan. It started raining cats and dogs and Astro went into coma mode. My dad told me Lee Chong Wei played badly. Yeah whatever! 30 minutes later Astro was back in business and the game already finished. I switched to another channel and watched the Guinness 9-ball tour, also live.

My Sunday plan continues.

I went to IKEA looking to get some more Antonius basket inserts. I bought one 2 weeks ago but today it's no where to be seen in the store. The staff I asked refused to offer help because they said they are from different department... but that department no ppl there wor!!!

This is silly. My worst IKEA experience ever and I'm going to file a complaint.

What is a basket insert?!!
It's a partitioned organizing unit you put in your drawer. It really helps keep my stuff in place on my desk and it's only RM5.

In real life

Hair dryers, again!

So I left IKEA empty handed and my next stop was Harvey Norman. I bought this new hair dryer, which happens to be the newer version of the broken one. Check it out:

Left - old. Right - new. Same layout, every view.

One National. One Panasonic. They're the same, so don't panic!

Dual voltage. The new one looks shinier, but lower in power output (1000W to 1200W) yet somehow more expensive (RM74 to RM68)!


  1. those magnum ladies don't know anything about ongoing contests wan. got contest bunting in front of them also they don't know.

  2. sigh... sien la... think I will write in to complain lor... Hope I can get a second shot.

  3. I don't think complaining will do any good, customer service in M'sia sux lar. Come to Macau casino instead =)

  4. hehe... I'm planning a trip to HK/Macau and maybe Shanghai next year. Hope to catch up with you then =)

  5. wah... you've been filing complaints! good