Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ultimately, everything breaks.

You can't bank on anything, can you?

I've got 3 things went broken in this very week.

  1. National EH5062A Hair Dryer 5 years+
    Do you still see National branded products? Ha-ha now you can tell how old it is. Bought in 2003 if my memory serves me right. (Edited: March 21, 2003 confirmed!) I've been using it everyday throughout the years and it's been traveling with me to places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

    Was blow-drying my hair on Tuesday. All of a sudden, I heard a cracking sound inside the device followed by some loud rattling noise and then it smoked! I guess it'd had enough already so it's time to scout for a new one.

  2. Sonic Gear Tatoo 303 PC Speaker 7 months
    My best companion at work (Was. Now Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones and the Bamboo Fun!). At just RM35, you can't ask for more from this little 3-piece PC speaker system. The tiny 5-watt sub-woofer doesn't deliver the dance floor experience but it certainly does the job on the office desk.

    Not sure what caused the malfunction though. I often forgot to turn it off and left it on over the night and sometimes the weekend so maybe that's why. But the fact is my 8-year-old Altec Lansing speaker is still rocking and I never turn it off unless there is a power outage. I'll send it to All-IT tomorrow anyways.

  3. Lexma 7-port stackable USB hub 3 months
    Got this as a replacement for my still-under-repair Belkin USB hub, and it died even sooner! In just 3 months it's no longer working now. The power outage a couple of nights ago is very likely to have contributed certain degree of damage. Thanks, TNB, but no thanks. I'll send it to ALL-IT and will check out the status of my Belkin hub.

Latest updates on the spring cleaning. I'm at 2% after Wednesday.


  1. use hair dryer everyday? No wonder your hair always looks so straight and shiny!

  2. Straight and shiny? That is natural ok =P Uhhh I thought blow drying too much could do damage to your hair one?

  3. ya..will damage your hair but since your hair is not super long, those damaged one will be cut off soon enough =)