Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool Stuff 4, anyone?

Just four months ago I attended this Adobe Masters Tour 2008 at KL Tower, the 'Masters' (Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine and Greg Rewis) were still uncertain about whether there will be a CS4 in the near future.

"We think CS3 is so good that we do not really need a CS4..." that's roughly what they said during the show.

Yeah right and guess what? Four months later, BOOM! Here comes CS4.

Shortcut to Brilliant?

The official launch.

The lounge and the crowd.

Entering the hall.

The thing that keeps everyone stay till the very end of the event.

Some nice arrangement.

Coffee or tea?

The hall and the stage.

Ashley Wearne, MD of Adobe SEA giving opening speech. He claims that the 'CS' in CS4 actually stands for 'Cool Stuff'.

The first speaker of the day - Tim Cole. Tim says he made Malaysian Curry from scratch back in Seattle. (Big deal!)

Emcee entertaining the crowd by playing the popular 'Deal or no deal' game with a lucky attendee. Inside one of the boxes is a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS4.

My lunch at Old Town White Coffee opposite the hotel. It's like an 'express' Old Town, Nasi Lemak Special is served in a pre-packed tray. Completing the meal is the Adobe CS4 questionnaire and a water bottle door gift.

Karl Soule silencing the crowd before he reveals something real COOL! Btw, check out his laptop.

Paul Burnett giving out some goodies.

Paul says he is Aussie and he doesn't say 'Howdy' like fellow Americans Tim and Karl do. Aussies say 'Good day!'.

Paul improvising some lame magic show with the twins from Adobe SEA.

The masters unite.

'Are you trying to say that my magic sucks huh, Karl?'

Shortcut to Brilliant - A Success Story


  1. Nope... lunch not provided. They only serve coffee, tea and mineral water.

  2. Hi Leo, I am glad that in the end you found that CS4 is a success story ;-)
    However, it is very unlikely that we ever said that "CS3 is so good that we do not really need a CS4...". Yes CS3 is great, but CS4 is even better, especially as far as speed, integration and cross-media workflows are concerned.
    Take care,