Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unlikely Leo is back, roaring!

Roar! Roar!

Having been suspended for almost half a month, my webhost service is finally reinstated. Unlikely Leo is back in business!

Pretty much thanks to Jay Chou, I just uploaded his new mp3 and my bandwidth went up to a whopping 197GB! Imagine 197GB of data being downloaded from a website in less than a week, that's 80,000+ downloads of just one song. I certainly underestimated Jay Chou.

I can only afford a basic package, which only allows a maximum bandwidth of 100GB, and that, consequently, lead to a suspension. While that Jay Chou's mp3 might not be the only reason to the excessive bandwidth usage, it's most likely to have caused the trouble.

It's November now and my account has been reinstated and I'm back blogging. It's been an eventful October, let's hope for a better month.

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