Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Grilled Lamb + Milk Tea + 'Missing' Toast Bread & Butter

Guess how much is this set meal? The toast is missing because... (burp~), okay now you know where it is.

The succulent Grilled Lamb!

I think this could possibly be one of the best deal in town. The set meal costs just RM13.90, well, excluding service charges, which will make it RM15.30 in the final check. Still it's pretty worth it.

So where is this place? It's a restaurant called MJ Cafe & Restaurant in Jaya33.

Final verdict? The lamb is fresh and juicy all right, and it tastes pretty good. It could have been much better if it were less saltier.

Now I realize that I have the tendency of being the last customer in a restaurant XD

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