Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just when you think TM sucks

Think again.

You can't even switch on your PC, dial your modem nor connect to your Wi-Fi router when there's no power supply.

Kudos to TNB, who give Kepong residents, Taman Bukit Maluri in particular, 4 power outage cases in a month, that's about once every week in average. TNB rule, don't they?

There's a 5-digit magic number that is supposed to come in handy when you see nothing but pitch black. The number 15454 should be one of the must-have contacts in your mobile. The fact is, who in the world would care to make a report when the line is busy 24/7? Let's say by sheer luck someone did pick it up, all you get is a sleepy voice, telling you that someone is already working on it.

I even learned from a co-worker that he got bombarded by chains of never ending SMS messages from the infamous TNB hotline, after sending in a power outage report via his mobile.

Great work! I shall keep track and start counting down to the next blackout. By the way, the darkness began 11 last night, till goodness knows what time early in the morning.

So what have I done throughout the night? I went to the loo, played guitar and sang along with a bunch of kids next door, I sweated mad and finally - I went to bed. Period.