Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look Ma! I won something.

I hardly took part in games, lucky draws, slogan competition, and so forth.

It's my second in a year's time, winning something considerably big. My first being end of last year, I won the first price -- a, ahem, mediocre Samsung cellphone, from a slogan contest not many had heard of. The fact is I was actually after the 2nd prize -- a pair of VIP concert tickets.

God knows why. I guess Lady Luck was by my side.

This time, it's a
4-pax 8-day 5-star accommodation at a choice of 30 destinations. It's the Gatsby Move With Style contest, you simply attach your receipts with the form, answer several simple questions and that's it.

You can check this page out for the list of winners. It's still available at time of post, but you most probably won't find my name there. It's been misspelt. (Aaarghhh!)


  1. lol..Yeong Lihad!
    (And thank you :P ..jk..)

  2. Call me weirdo. I actually prefer winning the 2nd prize -- the limited edition watch instead hehe. 'Cuz the first prize doesn't cover the cost of air fare and food, and choosing over 30 destinations is tough. The toughest part is not all my family members can be available at the same time to go on a vacation together. Tough luck.

  3. i hope ur bringing me along! i need another vacation