Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broken... and fixed. Or so has it?

I was replacing a CPU fan for my brother's PC.

My brother has been complaining about a noisy CPU fan.

So I bought this CPU fan (with white LEDs) from Low Yat Plaza last Sunday and replaced it with one of the fans on the CPU casing.

The noise was still there.

And then I thought, "Oh maybe it's the heat sink."

Brilliant idea! So I removed the heat sink from the mobo, the processor came off all together as it was sort of 'glued' to it courtesy of the layer of thermal grease.

I'm not really a hardware person and I don't have much experience dealing with processors, heat sinks and mobo's, so I thought everything was just normal.

I took a good look at the heat sink and came to realization that there was nothing I could do about it. Ok so let's put it back.

You can't put the heat sink back with the processor still sticking on it man!

Yeah I learned that a week later.

And so, disaster struck. The PC wouldn't boot.

I removed the heat sink and checked the processor again, a number of pins were bent. I tried straightening them with a screwdriver to no avail.

Failing to eliminate a problem, I created another one.

Sent the CPU to a local PC shop for checkup, this dude (with a bad breath) told me that this line of processors and mobo's have long ceased production, a simple replacement ain't possible. Asked him if he could fix the processor and he said hell no. He checked the processor and too many pins were badly bend so this dude just didn't wanna risk any chance breaking an obsolete product.

I'm now completely on my own.

I brought back the CPU and painstakingly straighten each and every pin that was bent. After a couple of attempts the PC finally boots up normally.

What a sigh of relief.

So I have just fixed something that I broke, but will I always be this lucky?

Many mistakes in real life, once done, just can't be undone. Every wrong step you take comes consequences - some will fade away in time, some will haunt you (and the parties involved) for the rest of our lives.

Be careful of what you are about to say, privately or publically, written or verbally, and do not hesitate to bear the consequence of what you have said, when things turn sour.

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