Thursday, September 25, 2008

Take the stairs, not the elevator

Climbing the stairway of a 12-storey building ain't so tough after all.

It's just my second attempt climbing the stairs of my office building. My personal high: 3 rounds.

Or to be more precise: 2 + 1 rounds. (2 rounds back-to-back, another round 30 minutes later.)

The 2nd round was remarkably tiring and exhausting, as I started jogging up instead of walking.

My legs were sore and I was gasping for air as I reached the roof top for the second time.

I could barely walk down the stairs, my legs were literally shaking.

Then I went back to the office, rested for a good 30 minutes and got some work done.

I thought it was enough for the day. But then on second thought, why not go for a 3rd round?

Put up my wireless headphones and off I went!

This time it was much easier. I tried climbing 2 steps at a time, when I felt tired, I took a step at a time.

I'm surprised to learn that climbing from the first to the twelfth floor or the roof top takes just less than 5 minutes! I barely finished listening to one song.

It feels so great when you reached the top and you know that you can do it for real.

I could have climbed the 4th round but it was late in the night and I had to go home. I guess I have to try again next time. Alex said he can go 9 rounds!

9 rounds is madness! But it's definitely doable.

I was waiting for the elevator as I left the office, and then I thought, "Heck! Why wait for the bloody lift?". As a result, I walked down.

Just for the record, I took 2 rounds on my first attempt, 2 weeks ago.

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